Detailing your vehicle has a number of advantages and should be a routine part of your vehicle maintenance. Auto detailing offers numerous advantages over a standard car wash. Auto detailing is an investment in the life of your vehicle that pays off handsomely. If you are new to auto detailing or would like to learn more, continue reading.

The difference between a car wash and an auto detail


While car washes and auto detailing are both necessary procedures for maintaining the integrity of your vehicle, they are not equivalent. Car washes remove dirt and debris from the exterior and interior of your vehicle. There are numerous types of car washes, including hand washes, drive-throughs, and do-it-yourself washes, all of which have the potential to damage your vehicle’s paint integrity. On the other hand, automobile details vary. Auto detailing utilizes both hand washing and professional equipment to safeguard the integrity of your vehicle while deep cleaning the exterior and inside. Auto detailing goes beyond surface dust removal and thoroughly cleans every nook and cranny of your vehicle, restoring it to like-new condition.


Apart from offering a clean, fresh vehicle, detailing also…


Preserves and enhances the appearance of your exterior paint job

Swirl marks and poor paint are caused by a variety of factors; however, auto detailing can safely remove material that causes deep scratches in your paint work. A layer of professional grade wax is put to the outside to provide additional protection until your next servicing.

Preserves the appearance of your upholstery

Whatever type of upholstery is on your vehicle, an auto detail will provide a thorough cleaning and may incorporate protective chemicals. To prevent cracking and rips on leather surfaces, a protective and moisturizer is applied. On delicate surfaces, a shampoo may be used to remove stains and a fabric protection may be placed to prevent new stains.

Enhances the performance of the automobile

Detailing is more than simply polishing the exterior of your vehicle; it also encompasses cleaning the engine. By removing dirt and dust from your engine, it enables your car to function more smoothly and efficiently. Engine cleaning is a significant advantage of auto detailing that is not included in a routine car wash.

Extends the life of the automobile

When your engine is clean and operating at peak performance, your car’s life lifetime is automatically extended. The same principle applies to the interior and external surfaces of your car. With fewer scratches, swirls, and bubbles, your car’s paint will last longer. The interior upholstery of your vehicle will be clean and free of embedded stains or leather tears.

Preserves the resale value of your automobile

Regular auto detailing contributes to a nicer finish on the outside, well-maintained upholstery, a longer life span, and a healthy engine, all of which contribute to your vehicle’s market value.

Enhances the quality of the air inside your car

If you do not detail your car on a regular basis, dust will accumulate and remain in your vehicle; your air conditioner and heater will govern the distribution of this dust. An auto detailer’s deep cleaning removes dust and allergens from your vehicle, which improves the overall air quality being circulated.

Generally pleasing appearance

Auto detailing thoroughly cleans your vehicle, down to the tiniest crevice. These regions are not regularly cleaned by car washes and can quickly accumulate buildup. When they are cleaned using an auto detailer, they instantly improve the appearance and cleanliness of your vehicle. The devil is in the details!

To ensure optimum performance and protection for your vehicle, it is advised that you have it detailed every 4-6 months. The more frequently you clean your vehicle, the better maintained it will be, extending its lifespan and resale value.


If you live in the Vancouver, Washington / Portland, Oregon area and would like to schedule a detail service, Tans Auto Detailing offers mobile auto detailing. Simply schedule an appointment online and we will come to you, detail your vehicle, and hand you the keys.

Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy

Everyone is affected by the rising expenses of health care. The majority of patients want to feel better soon, at an affordable price, and with the least amount of downtime feasible. This is where cold laser technology can help patients who are apprehensive about invasive surgery, medicines, or injections.

You may choose to undergo therapy using Multiwave Locked System (MLS) laser technology. It makes use of certain light wavelengths to alleviate pain, spasms, and edema while improving functionality. This new technology offers a slew of benefits, which are explored in detail in this tutorial.

It Assists in the Reduction of Inflammation and Pain

Inflammation is the mechanism through which your body fights off invaders. Injuries, illnesses, and poisons are all examples of these. These medications enhance blood flow to the infected or wounded area, resulting in edema, redness, and warmth.

The cool laser light aids in the reduction of swelling associated with inflamed joints. It improves joint mobility and promotes tissue regeneration. Cold laser technology stimulates the lymphatic drainage system, which drains the enlarged area, thereby decreasing inflammation.

It Is Secure

We employ this technology since it has been thoroughly studied and established to be safe for humans. Cold lasers are non-invasive and low-intensity, which means they cannot cause damage to your cells. Additionally, it is non-toxic and painless, with the Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America certifying it for a variety of diseases. However, it should not be used on lesions or carcinomas that are malignant. Additionally, it should avoid contact with the eyes and thyroid.

It Facilitates Healing

Additionally, we use cold laser therapy to expedite wound healing. It aids in the reduction of scar tissue formation as a result of cuts, surgeries, and burns. Cold laser therapy promotes fibrotic tissue reabsorption, which accelerates the healing process and promotes tissue restoration.

Could Cold Laser Therapy Be the Answer for You?

MLS cold laser therapy is a highly effective therapeutic option for chronic illnesses and pain management. We can use it alone or in conjunction with other forms of therapy. Although it is a relatively new therapy concept, it has been demonstrated to be a viable alternative to invasive treatment procedures.

If you’re unclear of your requirements or have any questions, call our experts at Atlas Wellness Chiropractic Costa Mesa and we’ll discuss your alternatives.